Educate Yourself •  Think for Yourself • Take Responsibility for Yourself

Self Reliance. Two words we don’t hear very much any more in our society of community sympathies and unity slogans, but also two words that have never been more important.  Our mission is to encourage modern men in responsible, conservative ideology grounded in Christian ethics.  These may be unpopular ideals right now, but we don’t care. We believe that before you can give back to society you must first take responsibility for yourself and your actions.  We believe that education is the silver bullet. By rediscovering the principles that this country was founded on and grounding our lives in faith we can bring this country back to a straight and narrow path from which we can all prosper.

All are welcome here: men and women, those that agree with us and those that do not. Please join our conversation, but we ask you do it with the same respect and reverence that we attempt to run this site with.

It is vital that we first learn to rely on ourselves, but we are strongest together.

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