Changes to Weather Channel Outwear Coming Soon?

As recent as April 2021, we saw all the jackets with The Weather Channel logo and the Landsend Logo being worn. The Landsend Logo was large and very prominent on all of their outerwear clothing. 

Jim Cantore sporting Landsend Weather Channel Jacket

There are youtube videos on the Landsend youtube channel that feature prominent videos promoting the Landsend apparel. 

Cut to August 2021 and they are all but missing. Then I searched for the weather channel webpage on Landsend

Way Back Machine Landing Page of Landsend Weather Channel

But going to the above link sends you to a plain jacket on the Landsend page. In fact in July 2021 when you searched google for “Weather Channel Landsend Jacket” you’d see a result for their landing page and when you clicked on it you received an error message that the page can’t be found.

Upon contacting Landsend in June I was told that the web team was “making updates” on the website and it must just be down right now. I asked when it might be up and was told “a couple of days.”

Cut to 2 months later, it’s gone completely.

Weather Channel Meteorologist Paul Goodloe sporting the Landsend Jacket with their Logo Missing and his Last Name Featured.

Not only that, you can see they’ve pulled the patch from the jackets and put the meteorologist’s last name as a patch on them.

In 2019 and Landsend was celebrating their second year as a provider of weather wear for The Weather Channel

If you remember in 2017 there was a huge media and PR blitz when they left LL Bean for Landsend as their clothing or outerwear supplier.  

Previous Provider was L.L. Bean

The previous Provider was L.L. Bean

When I reached out today on Landsend I was told “We still have a relationship with the Weather Channel.” But when I asked how come all the special landing pages touting the special jacket are down I got crickets

You can still get to the jacket that they use currently by going here. But you see no mention of it being the official jacket of The Weather Channel where it used to have all sorts of language and marketing. 

With the Hurricane Coverage of Hurricane Ida, all of their Jackets have been updated and we get plenty of examples of them with the major change.

So there are a couple of possibilities:  They had a 2-year contractual agreement(according to ad age) to promote Landsend logoed jackets. Now the Weather Channel has removed the logos but seems to be continuing to wear the jackets.  Did they had an out clause to look at other vendors at the end of the 2nd year and with COVID in 2020 they elected to just continue?

It could also be that the cost/benefit of providing the logo’d apparel for 30+ on-air people at the Weather Channel outweighed the advertising Landsend received driving people to buy those famous jackets.  At $299 the main jacket is a high price point and sales may have not been what they expected. 

Now as we come to Nov. 2021 it will be 4 years at Landsend for them and it’s clear they don’t want the logo featured.  But we don’t know whose call that is, Landsend or The Weather Channel.

I have heard rumors (yes just rumors I cannot confirm nor do I have any photos) that several Weather Channel folks were seen wearing Columbia outerwear – so could they be testing another outerwear apparel company?   The radio silence on the partnership is very curious indeed.  

  • Adam B

    I always thought the huge Lands End logo on those jackets was crass. Something more subtly elegant would have been nicer. It is the Weather Channel, not the Lands End sales place.

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