Patience is a Virtue

As with most things in life, being patient with your bread and just allowing it to grow naturally without trimming it, at least in the first 4-6 months, is essential. Once the hairs grow out in all areas evenly, you can pick a style that suits their length and thickness.

Choose a Style that Compliments Your Face

Not every face will be suited to a certain style of bread. In order to look good with a beard, you need to select a beard style that enhances your facial features.
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Beard Oil is Your Friend

Beard is made up of hairs (duh!) and just like the hair on your head, they need to be taken care of and moisturized regularly. If you live in a cold or dry climate of if you have hard water, the need to use bread oil becomes all the more important since the conditions wick the moisture out of your facial hair – making them brittle, rough and misshapen.


Apply beard oil two times a day to a clean, dry beard. Concentrate on the spots in and around your neck where hairs grow to nourish them at the roots. Make your way to the end of your hair and don’t forget the mustache and the hairs around your mouth.

Choosing a Beard Oil

Almost all beard oils are made using one of the few natural ingredients such as argan, coconut oil, jojobas, grape seed, pomegranate seed, rosemary, hempseed, and safflower.

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All of these are rich in nutrients and are easily absorbed by both hair and skin. The big difference is in a beard oil’s scent. Since the scent will live just beneath your face, it should be something that you and your significant other both enjoy.

Trim Your Beard

Whether you want a short length for the beard or a longer one, you will need to trim it regularly to achieve and maintain your desired shape. Investing in a quality trimmer and learning how to trip on your own can go a long way towards a well-groomed beard.  A decent starter trimmer is the Phillips Norelco Grooming Kit.

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