For those of you who grew up in the 80’s or on the cusps of the 80’s the latest netflix tv series of Stranger Things takes you on a nostalgic journey through a ton of awesome 80’s movies referencing some of the greats. The show starts out with a group of kids playing D&D – which should remind you of movies like ET, and the fact the the group of kids is tight nit and go on adventures – the similarities to The Goonies is also apparent with the two age groups of middle school and high school kids. As some have noted that once you watch the 8 episodes rounding out at about 8 hours, you almost feel the need to go and re-watch it all over just to review all the movie references in it. Yeah, it’s that good.

So the above said, if you’re feeling friskey enjoy some freebies with a desktop wallpaper I made along with some other great iphone and desktop wallpapers found along the web.

Click on each to dislpay full size. (1920x1080px)
Hawkins National Lab – taken from the a couple screen shots of the fence signs around the lab. The HNL font I’m not sure of so a little tracing was in order, but the full name spelled out was Century Gothic Font. If you know what font was used for HNL let me know in the comments.

Stranger Things Bikes with no logo desktop wallpaper:

Iphone or Android Wallpaper with main characters:
strangerthings_iphone wallpaper1

Danger – when Eleven is trying to make them understand that HNL is not messing around. Iphone and Android wallpaper:
strangerthings_iphone wallpaper2

Black with red Stranger Things iPhone and Android wallpaper:

The Acrobat and the Flea iPhone and Android:

Retro Book Cover iPhone and Android:

Update: Stranger Things Vol 1 Soundtrack has been released! Check it out here.

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