No doubt you’ve heard the term “manscaping” before and it conjured up images of shaving below the belt. While this is true to a certain extent, manscaping is about much more than that.

In the purest form of the term, manscaping is about a man taking charge of his life through cleanliness and hygiene. Through maintaining the canvas of our bodies, manscaping allows us to take control of our life.

It’s not all about shaving

Manscapers take pride in their appearance and believe strongly in the idea of putting their best foot forward and presenting a positive, clean, and hygienic image to the world.

Through shaving, sculpting, and meticulous attention towards cleanliness and hygiene, manscaping is about bucking the stereotype of men as dirty, smelly creatures and taking charge and care of our bodies.

Manscapers consider their body as a whole, not just certain areas, and develop a clean and hygienic approach to trimming, sculpting, and maintaining their beards, hair, body hair, teeth, as well as nails.

It promotes a positive image and instills confidence

It has been said that “the clothes make the man,” and manscaping follows a similar idea. By paying close attention to parts of our body that are normally neglected, manscapers take charge of their appearance.

When time is spent making yourself look good, it builds confidence and promotes self-esteem which can translate to personal and professional success.

Consider a high end automobile and all of the care, cleaning, and maintenance that goes into keeping it in peak shape and performance. Manscaping follows the same ideals with your body.

It’s hygienic

By keeping body hair well-groomed and maintained, manscaping promotes good health and hygiene in bacteria prone areas as well as overall.

Women like it

Most women enjoy a man who manscapes to some degree or another. Just as men enjoy the company of women who take pride in their appearance and maintain their bodies, women enjoy and appreciate the same.

There are no set rules

Manscaping is a way of life and not a checklist that must be followed. What, and how much, you shave, trim, or cut is entirely up to the individual.

It is not so important that you shave one part of your body or another, but rather that you have taken the initiative to maintain a part of your body that men often overlook.

It’s about taking pride and responsibility for your body

Manscapers do not shave or trim their body hair purely for the sake of doing so. Manscaping is about valuing the body you have been given and choosing to take care of it and maintain it with all of the care and responsibility it, and you, deserve.

The term “manscaping” in popular usage has sadly come to mean “men who shave their genitals.” The truth is that manscapers come in all shapes, forms and sizes. Manscaping is about making a personal choice to be prideful, attentive, and clean in one’s appearance that goes deeper than simply shaving.

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