As we ride into 2015 you might be trying to come up with the age old new years resolutions. Some choose to lose weight, others to stop smoking, others to get in better shape. But if you’re interested in doing something different than the usual assortment of things, try something different on. Do this list.

1. Learn how to change your own oil, or your air filter, some sort of maintenance on your car. You’ll feel accomplished, even if a little bit.

2. Watch all 23 James Bond Movies. Seriously, have you watched all of them in order?

3. Buy a tailored suit. There is something to be said for having a suit that is perfectly tailored to you.

4. Learn to cook one dish that you can serve for a dinner party. Don’t cook? Take a class, watch some food tv, find a dish that you can cook that tastes amazing to you. Others will enjoy it.

5. Pick up pipe smoking. Great thinkers and minds will tell you that pipe smoking is the perfect way to relax and contemplate and review the days work. Not to mention all the benefits you get from nicotine – the anti-smoking zealots don’t tell you about.

6. Read a classic. Have you stopped and actually read Moby Dick? Robinson Crusoe? Tom Sawyer? Pick a classic and read it. Smoke your new pipe while you read – you might just find you absorb more of the story that way.

7. Learn how to make a fire in the woods without matches and lighter. Don’t just buy something, learn how to do.

8. Do some charity. Take time to help out your fellow man.

9. Do something out of your element for your birthday – sky dive, or indoor sky dive, or go horse back riding, camping, something you wouldn’t normally do.

10. Travel somewhere. Out of the country is best, but at least 500 miles away from where you currently live. Go by yourself, find some stuff to do and strike up a conversation with someone new in a new place.

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