With continuing crushing regulation including the FDAs attemps now to regulate cigar and pipe tobacco (premium tobacco) as opposed to cigarettes, now more than ever its important to support you local tobacconist shops.  There are some things you just can’t buy online to get a feel for it.  Ie, buying a box of cigars in bulk online may save money but what happens when you get that box and you hate the cigar?  Tobacconists are great places to go just to ask the question – “hey how’s this cigar? have others liked it? Do you like it?”  You can get immediate advice and direction based on your tastes from an expert who sells premium tobacco on a daily basis.  You can’t touch, smell, or examine a cigar that you’re buying over the internet.  Much like your produce at the supermarket – would you order your bananas online or other fruits and vegetables that you couldn’t inspect first?

 Luxury tobacco is about the mature enjoyment of life according to your individual tastes and having the right to do so. By patronizing Premium Brick & Mortar (B&M) Tobacconists, you are casting a vote to preserve those rights.

You can’t smoke a cigar over the internet with your buddy.  One of the nice things about supporting your local tobacconist shop is also having a place where you can go and smoke your cigars.

When you buy a cigar at your local cigar shop you are getting a lot more than just a cigar. You are also [usually] getting a place where you can go to sit and smoke and enjoy your cigars. Even before these smoking bans started sweeping the country it was hard for a cigar smoker to find a place in public where he could go to smoke a cigar.

When we added another mouth to feed in the house, immediately my options to smoke my cigars dwindled down.    Essentially I got a self-imposed smoking ban on the house – unless it was the garage, which, quite frankly, in the middle of summer in Texas is not an option.  So the alternative is patronizing the local cigar store (tobacconist) and enjoying the lounge and amenities that they provide.  Not only does this allow you to mingle with other like minded cigar and pipe smokers, you get to have a chance to look at your cigars and tobacco in person before buying and this in many cases is a great reason to shop local as opposed to online.

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