Well, we’ve made it to yet another year here on the Institute’s website.  This year we’ve really accomplished jack squat.  Next year, I suspect will be similar with one exception – if I don’t get any writers who want to help, I may shift focus slightly to fatherhood since this year I became one.

So my New Years’ resolution would be to post a bit more than last year – and that should be pretty easy right?  I think we didn’t even get once per month.  Next, would be to post more original content – I think this is where the posts on fatherhood come in.   Seriously, most people do New Years resolutions that are like “lose weight”  “learn a new skill”.. I think this is pretty easy – I’ll I need to do is post more than 12 times on this site, bamn, accomplishment.

That’s right folks, for my New Years’ resolution I’m setting the bar low.

We’ll still post some political asides as we usually do on the mini-blog, but really no one comes to read that stuff there are a zillion sites with political opinions out there already, people come to this site for the unique content, and I know – cause I see the traffic.

What resolution have you set for yourself this year? Is the bar as  low as mine?

  • shawn

    This is May 28, 2014. I can write. I’m a former Marine…three tours in Iraq and extremely opinionated. Not a “freak” prepper. But I am ready for whatever comes my way. Strong supporter of the NRA. Gun owner. I take great care of my girl and our kids. I work on motorcycles. I also come with the option “know how to spell” which isn’t available on most models nowadays. I no kidding just discovered this website today, asking questions about moonshine.By the way…Thorogood…Get a Haircut sounds amazing in my garage. Email me. [email protected]

  • Sam Adams

    Mail incoming.