From here. From the this is damn cool archives: Over the weekend, a freighter closer to the Wisconsin side of Lake Michigan caught a rare sight of not one but five waterspouts above the lake. The National Weather Service recorded a total of nine waterspouts cropping up with winds around 45 miles per hour.

Freighter captain and storm chaser Eric Treece was able to film a dense grouping of the waterspouts. has more from Treeceon the water formations he saw Saturday and his experience with them over the years:

“Being out here, I get a really good view of thunderstorms over the lake,” said Treece, who operates

“Once in a while we’ll get lucky and come across a waterspout outbreak.”

The conditions were right for the tornado-like formations on Saturday. Treece said they formed on the frontal boundary line as the freighter was passing by, about one to two miles off the port stern.


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