While its been a slow year on this site it hasn’t been a slow year for us.  On the manly front we’ve seen good progress on all things manly.   In politics we have a good selection of mostly conservative candidates shaping up for the 2012 election.

As we come to a close on this year its time to take stock and consider what next year will bring.

I’m not sure what direction this site will take next year.  I do think a redesign is in order to something a bit more snazzy and even less newsy as far as look and feel.  I had hoped to have more time on the site -and I can only hope that next year will bring about more time to dedicate to the site.  There is already a manly site out there that has cornered the market in this type of niche in some cases, but I do have some points that I’d like this site to focus on – which we always have – good conservative, common sense values.

Personally I’m working on my man-cave and I’ll be taking pictures and posting as the project continues.

With that, I wish you all a Happy New Year.

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