You know there is nothing more disgusting than a media knowing the truth but ignoring it in favor of ratings.  That’s exactly what they tried to do this weekend, and I think most Americans that had common sense took note of it.   I found a great article discussing just that here.

But the apocalypse that cable television had been trumpeting had failed to materialize. And at 9 a.m., you could almost hear the air come out of the media’s hot-air balloon of constant coverage when Hurricane Irene was downgraded to a tropical storm.

Not everyone was willing to accept this turn of events. When the Weather Channel’s Brian Norcross told MSNBC that forecasters had been expecting the first hurricane to make landfall in New York City since 1893—“and it didn’t happen”—anchor Alex Witt was openly skeptical.

“Really, Brian?” she asked. Hadn’t Irene technically still been a hurricane when it came ashore in New York an hour earlier? “Can’t we still go with that?”

No, Norcross said.

And so they ignored it and continued to try to over-sensationalize it.   Now they are trying to loosely link deaths to the hurricane that may or may not have occurred because of the hurricane. Its despicable.   So why is this so bad?  The news organizations are doing you a dis-service.  Think about it, if they over-hype again and again – you get into the chicken little sky is falling mentality so when you actually have a hurricane.. a category 5 perhaps, people are so desensitized to pansy thunderstorms being hyped like category 5s, they don’t leave their homes and we have a real loss of human life and capital.

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