The Founders were not grilling hamburgers and hotdogs.  They were crammed into a small room  arguing amongst themselves on whether they should declare independence from the king of England and sign their own death warrants or not.  Think about that.  By signing the Declaration of Independence, they were facing death if they were captured.  So on a happier note, while you’re lighting up the BBQ, why not fire up the DVD player and watch something that can help remind  you of the men who let you enjoy your day off work.

There are some great movies surrounding Independence Day as well as TV shows and mini-series.  I actually checked around to see what other blogs and sites were recommending and a whole bunch of them recommend Born on the 4th of July.  To me, that really doesn’t do much credit to the day in fact it really goes against what this country is founded on.  So below is a list of good movies to watch.

The Spirit of 76 – Final Edition DVD

The Fame of Our Fathers

Road to Independence

The Patriot (Extended Cut) [Blu-ray]

John Adams (HBO Miniseries)

Soldiering Through History (Revolutionary War)

1776 (its a musical…but its based on that time period).

The Crossing (Washington crossing the Delaware)

Johnny TremainKids & Family Comedy)

The American Revolution (History Channel 2005)


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