From hereAlthough he’s traditionally seen as an American hero (remember, though, he is an alien), Superman is fed up with being connected to the USA. According to the Comics Alliance blog (and reported by BoingBoing), in Action Comics #900 Superman tells the president‘s national security adviser that he’s had enough of the Red, White, and Blue.

Just when I thought things couldn’t get any stranger, this popped up into my view and I had to bring it up. I don’t know about you but since when did Truth, Justice, and the American Way start being a bad concept?  I don’t see millions of immigrants pouring into Mexico for Justice and the Mexican way of life.  I don’t see people pouring into Canada for the Canadian way of life?  Why do people come here?  Because the American way of life is freedom to stand up, brush yourself off, learn from your mistakes and be responsible for your actions.   At least, that’s our ideals.  The past couple years its been more like – “oh you can’t learn from your failures..” or “Too big to fail”.  These  new Un-American concepts have cropped up more and more.

Superman and the American Flag

Superman and the American Flag

If the United States of America is the beacon of the world, (the first man to walk on the moon was an American), then why would the world not want an American to represent them?  Citizen of the World and no longer standing for American values?  All of this sounds more and more like the new writers of Superman are trying to drag American exceptionalism into the mud and Superman with them.

Here is how some people feel about it:

a. “truth” = our version of indoctrination that we choose to inform you of. You are too stupid to think for yourself and our nanny government has to give you laws and keep you in line. We will tell you our version of things. We’ve hired Al Gore to think for you and provide you with all you will need to ever learn and know.
b. “Justice” = We think it best for us to determine right from wrong in all cases as you are unable to (see a) think for yourself. Justice is certainly a good, but antiquated, concept and the unions as well as politicians are the ones who will make all choices for you. We will appoint supreme court justices who are liberals and will never truly know or enforce the constitution. The constitution is a “liquid” document subject to flaw and it is, after all, just merely a guideline.
c. “the American way”. Well, er, we know that the America way is not a good thing. We are all world citizens and the sooner you view things our way and indoctrinate yourself to our global thinking, the better off you shall be. Do not, for once, have pride in this country. Hang the UN flag out instead of the USA flag please, and you’d better take down all patriotic images as we now find them offensive.

Superman, by the way, needs to have a modified name. He is now the combined symbols of male vs. female and the word “super” offends some people, so we will now refer to him/her as +/- person of no race, color or imagination.

Where did superman come from?

The interesting thing about Superman is that when he first came out in 1938, he was a fighter and defender of the marginalized. Created by two Jewish men, Superman embodied the savior many didn’t have. Often called “Champion of the Oppressed,” he would fight dirty landlords, wife beaters, and corrupt politicians; and he fought them pretty aggressively. Then the end of the war shifted his image to more of a good mannered, polite boy scout who was out to preserve a way of life, stopping evildoers who threatened to harm The American Way.

I think it’s kind of interesting to see that the decline of the church and the decline of Superman’s popularity/image are kinda neck and neck.

Superman 1

Superman 1, 1938


But to the previous authors point – isn’t fighting dirty landlords, wife beaters, and corrupt politicians also the American Way – to stand up for the underdog?

Superman is a symbol of this country. Comic, movie, or not, he’s an American first, citizen of the world second.  The more the current writers “detach” Superman from his American relevancy the less and less exceptional the character will become, especially here.


  • Atomic Dogs

    I was very disheartened to hear about this development with Superman. It is endemic of the state of our nation. It is now fashionable to hate America. Politicians have stripped her of her assests and now the socialist elites have destroyed her icons. I fear for my country and now know that we have probably lost her forever.

  • pylorns

    I don’t think we’ve lost the country forever, but we’re set back a few years..or 100.

  • derekhinch

    Fear not… we can always buy the franchise for a dollar when our currency re-evaluates.

  • Tony the Tiger

    “I don’t see people pouring into Canada for the Canadian way of life?”

    I realize this is a blog and there’s no obligation on you to do research but just so that you know, Canada is one of the great immigrant countries. Canada takes in, per capita, more immigrants than the US. I live in a city where 50% of the population were born elsewhere. Is that true for your city?

  • pylorns

    You forget about the millions of people that pour into the United States illegally.