Being gentlemen who enjoy fine tobacco we regularly sample different blends of pipe tobacco.  I recently re-discovered The Tinderbox – online.  Previously I went to their store when they had one in Beaumont Texas, but alas it was closed some years ago.  Now they have an online store, at least they did until today.  Apparently they are now under new management one can only hope that they continue to sell the same great blends and tobacco.   So maybe this review is coming to you a bit too late.

I’ve previously ordered several sample blends but I came across something different: Reserve 1928.  It is marketed as

“Pipe tobacco with the panache, the sophistication, the delicacy to satisfy a pipe smoker of refined taste and Independent means.”

Reserve 1928 comes in a can with a pull tag to open – guaranteeing freshness, and is 1.75 ounces.  Once opened there is a plastic lid that goes on top to keep  I actually didn’t pay attention to the amount when I ordered as the marketing images made it look like a sizable amount.  As you can see in the picture above its not too large – granted my gorilla hands are holding it.

I wouldn’t go so far to say it satisfies like a snickers bar, but its not bad.  Personally I smoke more aromatics that are more flavorful, bold and have a lingering aftertaste (that part I don’t always care for).  Its a very cool and dry smoke, just as expected and I can say the best quality about it, being that I generally smoke much richer blends, this leaves almost no after taste at all.  There is a slight smell of chocolate, and ripe peach or pear – very earthy type of smoke but it burns quickly because it is dryer and after a period of time, it almost feels like there is no flavor at all which is my main complaint. Because it burns pretty quickly, you will also find yourself going through the tin fairly fast.

For the new pipe smoker I think this would be an excellent blend to try because of the lack of aftertaste that sometimes can turn people away.   For the more established pipe smoker, I doubt this would do much for you if you are used to more full-bodied blends unless you’d like to switch up to a lighter blend on occasion to change the palate.    So for the purposes of this review I give it 2.5 out of 5 pipes (or stars or whatever).

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