You know him from the popular Youtube internet cooking show Epic Meal Time.   An internet sensation, Muscles Glasses was brought into the videos as an awe inspiring eating machine.  We have confirmed from an anonymous source that Muscles Glasses did in fact die while working on the cooking shows most daring meal ever.

Our sources confirmed that he did indeed die during the act of copulation with a beautiful woman while eating a candied bacon wrapped buffalo stuffed with a back strap of a rarely seen yetti.  All this while peddling a unicycle.  As he posted earlier – on his twitter feed he was “filming the most amazing scene ever.”  When apparently he died of complications of the act.

No joke he’s actually dead..

When approached, Harley M., spokesperson for the Epic Meal Time Cooking show said only this, “No joke, he’s actually dead…”  We assume that most likely many people find it hard to believe that it could happen, but again when you judge the type of food consumed and the quantities; its really actually not that hard to believe.

Michelle Obama was quoted to have said this about the incident: “This is why we’ve been working hard with schools to ensure that students make healthier choices on the foods they eat because of course parents can’t be trusted to make these choices for them.  We are saddened by the loss of this Canadian cook, and hope that his death will serve as a wake up call to all other cooking shows that try to go too far.  Epic Meal Time has in fact gone too far this time.”

When asked if she planned to have someone intervene with the remaining group of cooks in Epic Meal Time she replied, “No, they are Canadian….”

Comfirmed Twitter Posting of his Death

After checking his twitter page @musclesglasses we’ve also been able to confirm that someone from the cooking show has posted a memorial tweet for their fallen soldier.  Not only that, there is actually a memorial in his home town that has become a stopping place for fans and passing friends to pray, light candles, and leave strips of bacon.

Memorial to Muscles Glasses

We’ll miss you Muscles Glasses.

  • Bill

    You’ll be missed, I’ll be sure to pore a bottle of JD syrup out for you…

  • mothersheep

    bullshit. prove it

  • pylorns

    Well obviously he’s dead they have a memorial setup.. with bacon no less.

  • porkstacker

    Wrap his corpse in bacon and stuff him inside a pig which is stuffed inside a steer which is stuffed inside an elephant, then barbecue the whole thing and stuff everything inside a shark and deep fry. A feast worthy of the man!

  • Maple Leaf Bacon 500g

    why being sad? It means: MORE BACON FOR US OAAOAOHA

  • Jordan

    He isn’t dead. For real, he isn’t. Dumb article isn’t factual and I am sure whoever wrote it is either having a good laugh or just stupid.

  • Flark
  • Ryan

    If people had the attention span to read past the first paragraph of this article, it becomes very clear how much of a hoax this article really is…
    “Our sources confirmed that he did indeed die during the act of copulation with a beautiful woman while eating a candied bacon wrapped buffalo stuffed with a back strap of a rarely seen yetti”

    …. A yetti. C’mon retards. Read more than the article title before you decide to post a comment.

  • Sne


    Nice looking bacon, 20 hours in paint? 🙂

  • Derp

    It ISNT REAL, you can tell! YETI is spelled wrong! haha

  • Phyllis

    He is alive and well and teaching Bootcamp so Muscles lives one!!!!!!!

  • justin

    he is not dead cuz in the next episode he is back the only reason they said he was dead was cuz all of epic meal time were in the us trying 2 find their big break

  • ian


    LOL i would have believed this if you had better spelling and grammar. if you want to troll, do it right.

  • Bill

    I think they left “yetti” misspelled on purpose. Who cares? It’s satire and it was funny at the time.

  • bacon haters

    BS muscles glasses isn’t dead. This would have made headline news! Haters!

  • Latetothegame

    Whose memorial did you desecrate in paint?

    EpicMealTime forever.

  • youguysfail

    He’s not actually dead, he just “died” in the series, and then was resurrected in the maximum protein experience episode.

  • pylorns

    Ah the youth today… so ignorant of sarcasm. I’m amazed today that the onion has done so well.

  • Colin

    He is in the new Epic Meal time…. That came out yesterday.. He is obviously still alive, but nice try!

  • EpicMealTimeOwns

    He is in the vids plus the bacon in the memorial is photoshopped(no shadow trolls + its floating in mid air not mention it was small as shit)

  • Jr.Christopher

    he is still alive , ASSHOLE !

  • pylorns

    Seriously? is that what clued you in.. the bacon?

  • Me


    He isnt fucking dead. This was posted in 2010 and i just watched a 2011 epic meal time vid with MG in it.

  • SOmeone

    You idiots I saw him on the latest epic meal time which was yesterday. He is alive and eating like crazy as always.


    Muscles Glasses DID die!!!!!
    The Muscles Glasses you now see on Twitter and YouTube is a reincarnated form of the original Muscles Glasses. He is made out of bacon, battered in special Jack Daniels SAUce, and deep fried! XD

  • fuck u haters


  • *the truth*

    this shit is fake. look at the memorial of muscle glasses, the bacon is photo shopped in there, his name on the right side is photo shopped in, and the picture on the top, identifying him, that is the valentines day special, he was in way more episodes after that, and the other one saying that it was said in the deleted scenes episode, fuck that shit he was alive. this blog/post is a fucking fake, fuck you asshole, you are an insult to all Canadians and epic mealtime fanatics like myself, go die in a ditch you prick!

  • George

    You’d have to be a fool to not notice this is obviously a joke..

  • dan


    Hey look at the new episodes whos the giuy in the glasses i wonder you retard you wasted your own tome making this article

  • Leslie

    How the heck is he dead if he was at ComiCon just a couple weeks ago?? You blind people. Go subscribe to their channel and see for yourselves. HE’S NOT DEAD!!

  • Phelix Brayko

    this is bull crap. I saw him at comic-con!

  • jeremy

    u know he still alive

  • Derp

    This is obviously a fake. Bacom is photoshopped, and look at the sign on the right. The text is like..chiller font or something.

    Nice try, OP.

  • Travis

    Seriously, of all the reasons to know it’s fake… No one was tipped off by Michelle Obama having something to say about it? Is the U.S. that much of a joke that people actually think The First Lady would give two shits about an incident like that (no offense, Muscles)? This is why I don’t vote.

  • Dani

    He is no fucking dead people. He is alive and YES, HE IS STILL EATING BACON!

  • Bob


    If hes dead then how are they still making new videos with him in it?

  • Hole

    That bacon is obviously photoshopped lol

  • AwesomeGuy

    He Is Obviously Not Dead He Is In The New EpicMealTime “Meat Shield”!

  • gannno

    he isn’t dead cuz a new epic meal time came out today!

  • dDrunk

    How can he be dead when he shows in new videos of epic meal time?

  • Check their videos

    He is in their new videos, he is still alive.

  • adri

    OMG!! he cant be dead!! its impossible. :'(

  • sublimelyPhenomenal

    In the name of bacon… Shut up. All of you. It was a fucking joke. Get over it already. Watch and subscribe to epicmealtime on YouTube. Eat candied bacon. That is all.

  • Christopher Smyth

    I can’t beleive this i started watching this 4 weeks ago and i found this out today:( i will be muscle glasses for halloween

  • Cpeet.

    He’s not dead, literally. EMT was at my school today.

  • bridget

    stupid. he is not dead. epic meal time has been putting on new vids with him

  • doofus

    oh he’s dead? i didn’t know he was a musician.
    music lives on in you? rofl and he has kids?

  • cleverleyson

    FUCK YOU HATER, the man is not dead, but you sir are DEAD INSIDE!

  • Nick

    That picture is photo shopped give me a fuggin break…where is he!

  • Canada

    Why they hating’ on Canada, we need intervention too! Bring us democracy and bacon!

  • DILLdill

    Bullshit he didn’t die
    he is still on the show and has been the whole time

  • Harmeekf

    He was resurrected like Lenny shows wat bacon regenaration does for u Innit u candy starfish

  • Harmeekf

    He was resurrected like kenny shows wat bacon regenaration does for u Innit u candy starfish

  • Nick Delmonico

    You moron he’s not dead, they just did a show with him on tuesday

  • killertomato94

    Did you READ the article? Of course he’s not dead, it’s just a joke- chill out.
    “he did indeed die during the act of copulation with a beautiful woman while eating a candied bacon wrapped buffalo stuffed with a back strap of a rarely seen yetti. All this while peddling a unicycle.”

  • Bacon

    Could it get any faker? The moron who posted this is just…wow,really? Seriously…

  • din sin bas

    i think epic meal time the muscle guy is an ediot so is the others they are begging to get killed from what they eat an the spokesman should not swear

  • Tanika

    hhahhahahha whoever wrote this honestly made my day!! Of course he’s not dead to any crackpots who read and believed this story. But man, this was hilar

  • bobby hill

    din sin bas need’s to learn how to spell. 😀

  • bobby hill


  • bobby hill

    its “idiot” NOT “ediot”!! HOMO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Selena

    Who’d be stupid and retarded enough to believe this bullshit?

  • Ruaridh

    This is utter shite, musscles lives he was in the most recent episode so I do not belive he is dead :/

  • Ethan

    For people who say he was in their last vid incase u didnt notice it was a still pic of him

  • DoucheLeBouf

    Lame Photoshop hack job…

  • Jeav24

    Yo idiots! Have you not notice he has been gone for more than a month from the show. Even if he’s not dead. Show some respect!

  • bailey

    Whats up withsaying he died i bet your just haters they just did a new show with HIM in it plus yo tupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    brace yourselves, the cynicism of the internet is coming.


    gtfo the internet you damn noobs. This place is far too dangerous and badass for the lot of ye. No shit he’s not dead. I don’t know what part of this whole greatly humorous piece of satiric art went fucking awry in your god forsaken minds, but I guess judging by your spelling I can safely deduce you do nothing but jack off in bathrooms and pick your noses at school.
    keep fucking missing class, jack-offs. When you have to drop out and flip burgers at mcdonalds or strip for some coke, you’ll wonder where you went wrong.

    BAMMMMM /hatred unleashed

  • a random banana

    if u havent noticed he has gained some weight. its because he took that month off to do roids and get that big he isnt dead.

  • MusselsGlasses Rocks!

    He ain’t dead u stupid ass motherfuckers they made a video of emt wit him in it last tuesday -.-

  • NinjaDerpy

    Actually, if you’d look on the latest EpicMealTime, he is fine….

  • Robomaniac

    He is actually dead guys…look at past episodes then new episodes. You could see that they replaced muscles….

  • annonymos

    even if he wasn’t in episdoes… he’s not dead… probably just really sick… and also i looked on his twitter and his last tweets are quite recently…

  • Ness read

    If the memorial was real they clearly would of used his real name.

  • maxime12

    you all dumbasses, dont you see thathe is alive! if someone died, it is only the character of muscleglasses, nit the real guy. maybe that death was intended too

  • reaper23666

    So In other words he just quit..wit no golden Sausa!

  • Abra

    He has risen!

    The Power of:


  • Rocco

    If you didnt notice, he hasnt been on the show… I am sorry to say that he has passed… 🙁

  • Catzy

    err guys don’t you realise the memorial was photoshop? look carefully. the bacon wasn’t real and the name muscle glasses was added. i think he’s not dead he just maybe quit from the show.

  • Lohm

    You can clearly tell that the memorial-pictures are photoshoped by looking at the pieces of bacon and the right-hand piece of papers text is different…

  • moshinghook

    lol!! EMT did this. Those fuckers are retarded but you gotta love them. And i believe only they can get away with fake death and not looked down upon..

  • Micah knopp

    U guys are idiots!!!!! If muscles died, they would have made a videos releasing the info, or they would have stopped making the series!

  • Michael Bonifacio

    He had a kid you guys. Was it that hard to figure out?
    Also he has his own channel now.

  • modderbuckers

    “Anonymous Source”. Muscles Glasses dead my ass.

  • moddabockas

    “Anonymous Source”. That picture is fake, and that memorial has a different name on it. What a fucking disgrace. Nice try though, I was actually so stupid I believed it the first time I saw it.

  • Jak


    He is in Canadian college for a degree. Epic meal time is In LA

  • BaconGroupie

    Oh thank bacon it’s not true!! I could not believe the bacon gods would ever allow this.

  • bill gates

    [email protected] says:
    “See you in Hell Muscles Glasses; you still owe me $100”

  • James

    He didn’t die. He just started a new sports channel.

  • Ashlee

    I feel bad for Alex (aka Muscle Glasses). He left because he could no longer trust Harley as a friend or as a business partner. When they started, Harley made promises that he didn’t keep. Also he said that he wasn’t treated fairly. That’s also why Tyler left too. I’ll post a link to my resource later.

  • Summer

    This is obviously a fake. No one was tipped off by Michelle Obama having something to say about it?

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