In a proposed 3.8 trillion dollars President Obama has proposed digging deep and cutting deep and managed to cut $775 Million dollars. As you can see in the picture above, the green section indicates his cuts in the overall pie graph.   What? You can’t find it – here take a closer look (click the article to see the rest)

Green Line is the proposed budget.

Sometimes a chart visual just doesn’t do it.  So lets talk about how many pennies can you stack to get from the Earth to the Moon : 384 billion.  Our budget is considerably larger than that.  So how much budget cutting is actually being proposed?  1 pennies worth in the stack from the earth to the moon.

Do you feel like we’re really making tough choices now?

To see it zoomed in 10x and for a little more info check out the original source of this over at Doug Ross’ site.

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