American life is experiencing massive amounts of day to day technology not present a decade ago. Most of these developments are in areas surrounding ‘public safety’. Why? Because war drives production process innovation and research on new products. Several areas that benefit our civilian terrorists surveillance infrastructure evolved out of military necessity in the middle east.
As if we were in an unwritten chapter in Orwell’s 1984 – we get ‘The Gorgon Stare’. The reaper drone that host’s this system can fly one path while recording an entire city and present 65 image streams simultaneously to end users who can select a stream for EVERY portion of ANY city it is flying over.
This system is a real life  ‘all seeing eye ‘ (which is why it is called Gorgon’s Stare). Yes that mythical power has leaped from the pages of mythology and right into the hands of our government (to be a battlefield technology – of course). Battle tech or not at first – I am sure Homeland Security will be next on the purchaser list. We will be told that this ‘enhances your security objectively’ with just a small buy of only a few  [dozen] of these machines.
Objectivity denotes reason. Reason tell’s us we are potentially sacrificing individual privacy if/when this thing becomes a DHS ‘civilian intelligence’  technology.
Our ‘protectors’ can already see us naked without taking off clothes (a strip search with no ’cause’… I guess we went through that constitutionally protected right pretty quick). Now all they need is: to see EVERYWHERE in a city at ONCE [because someone bought a plane ticket of course, or something similar]. Read more here.
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