To celebrate our inaugural podcast for the Institute of Man we’ve tacked a topic that we know all of you are dying to know about.  We interviewed some serious manly men who enjoy ambrosia of the Gods… BACON!  The Epic Meal Time crew was kind enough to join us for a few minutes to talk about their meals, recipes, and eating live animals.
Have a listen by clicking the link here:
Institute of Man Podcast Episode 1

Epic Meal Time - Meatball Deathstar

What would you like to see them do next?

  • John P

    Awesome, thanks for doing the interview, it was funny and informative – I love those guys at Epic Meal Time!

  • Bill

    Have you come up with the pork loin/buffalo recipie yet? That sounds great!

  • pylorns

    No, not yet, still working on the awesomeness.

  • Balderayne

    Thanks for getting these guys on for a visit. This was definitely funny and enjoyable.

  • SSD_123

    Great interview

  • Travis

    Good interview but u need more BACON in it. what’d up BUFFALO! that sounds like a good Epic Meal!

  • Chris

    Bitchen interview.

  • pylorns