As usual communists are at it again – this time weaseling their way into politics and then denying their connections ever happened.   In the 30’s and 40’s the communists managed to assert themselves into American politics and it took the 50’s to root them all out but now we’re seeing this resurgence of progressives and down right full-on-double-rainbow communists.  For example:

Trevor Loudon has uncovered some unsettling news: The Communist Party USA once considered Minnesota Secretary of State Mark Ritchie a “friend of the party.”

Using what are reportedly secret, first-hand documents, Loudon shows how CPUSA praised the secretary back before he was a state leader, and bestowed upon him the “friend” designation. The information is apparently making its way around the land of 10,000 lakes, as Richtie was confronted about it by local radio host Chris Baker. Not surprisingly, Richtie refused to answer the question, and instead attacked those who entertain the notion. He also throws in the word “horsepuckey”

Mark Ritchie makes a big deal of the fact the fact that he was “resoundingly” elected by the people of Minnesota. True – but if every Minnesota voter knew of Ritchie’s Communist Party ties, would he still have won?

Any red-blooded American (red for America not commie pinkos) should be appalled at what is going on.  I hope that the people of Minnesota stand up against this friend of communism and have him removed from office.   I’m also hoping that after the first of the year with our newly changed congress we’ll see some action at begining to root out the communists again.  Seriously – its like people have forgotten the previous decades when the USSR was still a power.

Commies have an irrational view

I remember being a kid and going through bomb drills and getting under my desk in the early 80’s.   I guess our newest generation that was born post Berlin Wall Destruction just has no idea about what really went on.

Seriously John Wayne would have never put up with this crap. Did you grow up in the 80’s? Do you remember when the USSR was still a force to be reckoned with?

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