Tastes Great, Less Filling?

I didn’t acquire the taste of beer until I reached the ripe old age of 22.  And for someone from Louisiana that’s considered just plain wrong.  Especially because Louisiana was one of the last hold-outs of changing the legal drinking age from 18 to 21.

My father wanted to introduce me to alcohol and how it would effect me in a safe environment at an earlier age, suggesting that “its better you learn what it does to you with me boy, than with your idiot friends.”  So because of that I tried beer, wine, and a sip of his whiskey or other fine liquors and quickly discovered that I HATED BEER.  I couldn’t stand the taste.  Granted my choices were pretty limited to the usual assortment of American beer.

I found that once I started working as a waiter there was one beer I could tolerate.  Prepare yourselves.  Coors Light.

That great watered-down taste of the mountains… like the sweat dripping off a mountain lions balls.

That’s right.  And hell, I still like it, but since then I’ve discovered better tasting beer to put on my palate.  But until I went out one glorious evening with a co-worker I struggled with finding any beer that I could drink and enjoy.

Moment of Glory

Because I disliked the taste of beer, I never actually got drunk on beer.  I rarely made it past 2 beers before I was switching to some frufru drink that tasted better and was entirely less manly.  (authors note: I prefer vodka).

The Most Interesting Man in the World.

It took a buddy of mine taking me out to a bar and ordering a bucket of Dos XX.  He poped the top off his, looked at me and said “We’re not leaving until you finish the other five beers.”

(find out the rest of the story next time, when we continue the beer talk part 2.)

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