For the love of God, don’t get dear old dad a tie or a pair of socks, or some goofy golf balls.  Get him something he’ll like as this year is the 100th anniversary of Fathers Day.  It should be a memorable day and/or weekend.

Weber Grill

Every single red-blooded American man has a yearning to stand in front of a grill and smell flaming carcass.  That’s why an important gift may be something as simple as a grill, or some new bbq tools.  Remember, they don’t want a cook book or cooking advice as they have most likely had years to improve their own grilling technique, but new tools always work perfect.

If your dad is the classic man, and you want him to have a piece of Americana history, get him a Weber Grill .  It’s a classic grill that everyman should cook on, and you’ll see it in all of the vintage ads.  Weber is a great brand that has been around for years and their grills don’t disappoint.  If he has a grill already,  you might just upgrade his grilling tools with a newer set of professional grade stainless steel tools like these.

Now, if your dad shaves with an electric razor,  it might be time to help him remember wet shaving.  The classic, and best shave he ever had.  This book , The Art of Shaving , is a great book that will put him back on track to getting that classic shave.  It’s a hint of nostalgia, but there is a reason why men still enjoy going to a classic barbershop and getting a shave and a haircut – its the best shave they can get.

You can take it a step further and pick up the Sample/Travel Shaving Kit as well.  I have used this and highly recommend it as its easy to pack, and is a great re-introduction to classic wet shaving.

If your dad is at retirement age, he may be looking for a hobby – and if he’s like my dad he likes to talk a lot.  You might suggest Amateur Radio (HAM).  Getting a license is pretty quick and easy and doesn’t cost much, and once he has a license a radio is right around the corner.  Not only will it give him an outlet to talk to people around his area, but also all over the world.  He can join in on competitions for making contacts in different countries and it will open up a whole other world to him that he may not have even been aware of. The ARRL Ham Radio License Manual: All You Need to Become an Amateur Radio Operator book is a great place to start.  I don’t suggest buying him a radio as it is personal choice, and after he gets his license and talks with the local guys he will want to get something appropriate for his location.

If your dad is the outdoors type, or not every man loves a good knife.  I suggest a good  Gerber Survival Combat Knife – makes a great gift and will last for years.  And if the economy goes to hell and a hand basket, he’ll be glad to have a dependable survival knife at his side.

And lastly, if he enjoys a great thriller – one that is based in a potential future for us.  You might want to get him a copy of the  The Overton Window

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