It’s been a long time coming and we’re not as “finished” as we would like but we figured we couldn’t delay any longer in launching the site -so you should expect some more visual changes going forward but this is the main layout for now.  If you haven’t signed up for our mailing list – make sure you do here.  You’ll be notified of updates and receive great information from us periodically but not enough that you’ll hate us.

Our History:

Our blogging history goes waaaaaay baaack.  Actually in “internet time” it does – we started before blogger hit mainstream with a site in 1999.  Once became a readily available content system we jumped on board and moved our static content to blogger and thus began our “blogging” journey on a site that initially commented on the news, politics, and local goings on while we attended college.  The site morphed over the years into a site that  we really no longer recognized that included bloggers that were so diametrically different from us (the founders) that the decision to shut the site down was made. It was not an easy decision as the site did finally pay for itself after 10 years.   But the decision was the right one as we determined that we wanted to dedicate a website that focused on real life things, not the goings on of Hollywood gossip, but the political struggle going on now for the hearts and minds of our countrymen.

We wanted to focus on 2 main points – One: The history of honorable, respected men, and what it takes to transform yourself into a respectable, self-reliant, honorable man.  And two: Our founders, our history, and how to save this country from the progressive onslaught in our lives, media, and political realm.

Where we go from here:

This website is what you make of it.  We want to encourage the people that read our website, and are of a like mind to contribute to our website. If there is something you want to say, feel needs to be said or want to contribute, please send it to us.  If it fits the site, we will include it.  Who knows, you may become a writer for the site.

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